Camden County Looks At Repairing Roadway That Collapsed In May

Business Local News Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

A Lake Area road washed away in May could have repairs coming soon.

“That was just crazy. It’s Ozarks Isles, it’s out there by Old Kinderhook. It’s a road that kinda runs along the hillside, along the ridge and the Lake toward the bottom. And, one part of the road….we had a landslide that just took out 100 feet of the road” says Camden County 2nd District Commissioner Don Williams.

He tells KRMS News he’s not sure how the road’s going to be fixed, but he does think it’ll be expensive “there’s a couple of options…they can blast into the hillside, it’s all rock right there….they can blast into the hill and move the road into the hill….or they can build some type of bridge over where the landslide occurred.”

Williams says he’s meeting with engineers this week to come with a plan, but there’s no word on the cost to repair the road.

He also tells KRMS News a cemetery in Climax Springs has also been affected by heavy rain “an elderly lady called me, and told me the creek has changed direction from the channel and it now cuts in against the cemetery, and it’s actually washing graves away. It’s washed 2, possibly as many as 4 graves have already washed away.”

Williams says he’s trying to figure out a way to help the people near the cemetery, but it’s not a County issue.

Williams was interviewed by Christian Blood on the KRMS Morning Magazine.

Business Local News Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

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