A Camden County murder trial scheduled this week has been postponed for the 8th time.

Steven Endsley has been in jail now for nearly four years, after being charged in the death of 27 year-old Danielle Smith and her mother, 61 year-old Teresa Jackson.

Officials in Laclede County, where the trial would have been held, are adhering to rules set by the Supreme Court over COVID 19 and have postponed it until July of 2021.

      NEWS-10-27-2020 MURDER TRIAL POSTPONED 1 - 27th October 2020

Speaking to our news partner KY 3 TV, Smith’s Sister Heather says the murder was hate related, because Endsley had a “God complex” and couldn’t tolerate that Smith was gay.

      NEWS-10-27-2020 MURDER TRIAL POSTPONED 2 - 27th October 2020

Authorities say after stabbing Smith and Strangling Jackson, Endsley then burned their mobile home with their bodies in it.

Endsley will remain in jail with no Bond.