A message from the Camden County Commission as Lake of the Ozarks gets set for Memorial Day weekend.

“Come to the Lake of the Ozarks….and enjoy Freedom” says Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty.

He tells KRMS News Camden County was the only first-class county in Missouri that chose to stay open while some other counties in Missouri forced closures on businesses and people into wearing masks “when this all came down in basically February last year, we know the federal Government was pressuring Governor Parson to shut down the entire state. We were concerned about what that would do to the Lake of the Ozarks. At the very beginning…the only thing they said was, we need to not go anywhere for a while so we can flatten the curve and not overwhelm our hospitals. Then it turned into “Oh ,we need to stay shut down for a year and destroy our economy!””

Hasty also says a point was made by last year’s viral video, spread by TMZ of young adults partying in a pool at a Lake Area hot spot “if our local population was going to be affected like they said it was going to….all of our locals who were serving these tourists that came down, they would have been dropping like flies.”

KRMS News reported one case of COVID resulting from the party featured in the video, and that person came to the lake from Boone County already positive for the virus.

Hasty also tells KRMS News he had COVID-19 in February of last year and he had just recovered as Camden County was planning its response to the pandemic.