Camden County Releases Report On How CARES ACT Funding Was Distributed

Business COVID 19 Local News Thursday, March 11th, 2021

A detailed report on where the Cares Act Funding went for Camden County has been officially released.

The county received a total of $5.4 Million dollars from the Federal Government, some of which went back into the county for upgrades such as a Polycom Video System for the Jail and Sheriff’s Office, but most of it went to the people.

“We spread it out to our community. In the schools, the businesses, the other municipalities and fire districts, non-profits and small businesses. So the County could have held all of that but they didn’t, so that was the main goal…that was what it was suppose to be and we tried to do the best job that we could” says County Auditor Jimmy Laughlin.

He tells KRMS News the hardest part was making sure the money was distributed properly and quickly, before the December deadline.

You can see the full report below (At KRMSRADIO.COM):

Where The MONEY WENT 2020 CARES 1.4

Business COVID 19 Local News Thursday, March 11th, 2021

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