Camden County Residents Asked To “Test The Internet” For Future Improvements

Business Local News Thursday, November 4th, 2021

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The future of high-speed internet and broadband coverage in Camden County will soon come into focus.

County representatives, local chambers of commerce and the University of Missouri Extension Center are teaming up to put the call out to all residents and businesses to participate in a speed test.

Camdenton Chamber Executive Director KC Cloke says, even if you don’t have internet, you are still being encouraged to participate.

The speed test, from now through the end of this year, can be accessed online at


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Camden County, MO-Several community partners are working together to roll out, a campaign created to collect internet accessibility data within our county. The website ( will forward participants to the official Missouri Broadband Resource Rail website to administer the speed test and complete the data collection. With participation from our community members, the data collected can be used to pursue broadband coverage in Camden County.
County representatives, local chambers of commerce, as well as the University of Missouri Camden County Extension are asking the community to take a few minutes and participate in the internet speed test available at Compared to other states, Missouri ranks low in connectivity and speed, with rural Missourians (including Camden County residents) at a particular disadvantage in accessing vital online services, information, and opportunities.
“To be effective in our mission we need heavy participation from both our residents and the businesses community” stated K.C. Cloke, Executive Director of the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce. “Even if you have no internet, we still need you to participate.  In fact, it’s crucial to have those members participate ( to specifically identify our challenges. We’ve got to be able to clearly paint the picture of where Camden County currently stands with internet accessibility so we can work towards improving our broadband service which in return, improves our economy, educational access, and healthcare and well-being. The more participation we receive in our county the more precise our data will be to pursue funding opportunities”.
The speed test ( will be administered until the end of the year.
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Business Local News Thursday, November 4th, 2021

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