The Camden County Sheriff says his personnel have their plates full with crime investigations lately, and most involve illegal drugs.

And of those cases many involve the deadly drug fentanyl…“I hate this stuff. It’s being laced with almost every dang drug you buy get on the street. It’s the most dangerous of them. We have an awful lot of deaths.”

Sheriff Tony Helms says his office is also working on several missing-persons cases, including some long-running unsolved mysteries…“There’s a reason that person is missing, there’s a reason that other person was killed for whatever….and I think it’s our obligation to work these cases to exhaustion.”

Helms confirmed that one of those cases involves the unexplained disappearance of 59 year old Donnie Erwin.

Family and friends of the Camden County man who’s been missing since 2013 renewed active searching of several sites in the Lake Area a few days ago looking for clues in the case.