Camden County Sheriff’s Office Says Calls For Help Have Jumped During The Winter Storm

Local News Friday, February 19th, 2021

Frozen pipes, Medical needs and Dead batteries in cars….

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office has been responding to those issues and others during harsh winter weather in the Lake Area.

“I’ve got out and shoveled people’s cars from their driveways before, you know? Because they’re elderly and couldn’t get out. We do all kinds of stuff.”

Speaking with KB on the KRMS Morning Magazine, Captain Chris Twitchel says it’s part of being a local county Sheriff.

“That’s the wonderful thing about being a county Sheriff, and being in the Sheriff’s department, is the community police aspect and the aspect of being a part of that with this fantastic group we have down here at the lake.”

Sheriff Tony Helms also says while the desire to help is always there, responses have to be prioritized.

“If we’re running a domestic, some kind of disturbance or an accident, those things are going to be more of a priority in the priority scale and we have to take them first.”

Helms tells KRMS News that one of the most unusual calls he responded to came from a woman in a trailer park saying she could hear someone trying to break into her home.

Following an investigation, the Sheriff says they found a dog with its head stuck in a plastic milk jug running into things outside trying to get it off.



Local News Friday, February 19th, 2021

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