The Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office could soon be getting a boost when it comes to sending some criminals to prison.

Caleb Cunningham says a bid opening is expected to take place during Thursday morning’s county commission meeting for the possible purchase of a crime scene laser scanner “A lot of the major cities have them, especially when you have things like shootings or stabbings, but they can be used in all kinds of cases. The benefits from a Law Enforcement perspective are tremendous. I mean, you don’t have to be an imaginative person to see why that would be beneficial.”

The laser scanner records in 3-D and can store a consider amount of evidence which could, otherwise, be difficult to gather in tight places.

Cunningham uses the fatal shooting on a dock at Shady Gators, back at the end of May, as an example where such a device would’ve come in handy “we want to gather better evidence, more evidence, to get better convictions and better cases. That’s what it comes down too.”

If the purchase is approved, it’s expected to cost in the neighborhood of about $100-thousand and will not be paid for from taxes collected but rather from other revenue received in the courthouse.