The Prosecutor of Camden County’s getting some recognition from the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

Caleb Cunningham been named the DWI Hero of the Year

“I was deeply honored to even be nominated” says Cunningham,“some law enforcement nominated me…some Troopers and Sheriff’s deputies.”

He tells KRMS News he’s most proud of the fact law enforcement can now get blood drawn from DWI suspects quicker than before “the fastest time is 11 minutes. Generally in 15 minutes now, we’re able to digitize that process…which has made it a tremendous amount faster, more efficient and more accurate quite honestly.”

Cunningham says the Camden County Sheriff’s Office recorded around 88 DWI’s in the Lake Area in 2020.

But this year that number is up over 140 with the Labor Day Weekend still to come.

Cunningham was interviewed on the KRMS Morning Magazine.