Camden Sheriff Calls On Citizens To Be Aware Of Fake Money Circulating The Lake

Crime Local News Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

There’s fake money going around in the Lake Area, and law enforcement wants you to be aware.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office says the fake money is real money that’s been bleached and then re-printed with higher denominations.

That means it’s tougher for you or stores in the area to realize the money’s counterfeit.

Captain Chris Twitchel says in a release to be wary of bills greater than $20 dollars and to check the embedded strips when taking big bills.

If you’re aware of fake money being passed around, you’re urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office right away.


News Release:

During the last few weeks deputies have been responding to calls from area businesses reference counterfeit money being passed in the area. The bills being passed are bleached bills that have been reprinted with higher denominations. Because of this, the starch pens will not show it is counterfeit. We want area citizens and businesses to know this is occurring and to be wary of denominations higher than $20. Please check the embedded strips and other safety measures when taking a bill. If you have any information on person’s responsible for passing these bills, please contact the Camden County Sheriff’s Office 573-346-2243.

Crime Local News Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

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