Camden Sheriff Tony Helms Requests Quarter Cent Sales Tax Increase For Deputies

Local News Politics Monday, May 3rd, 2021

The Sheriff of Camden County wants to pay his deputies more money, and Lake Area voters will be deciding on that in August.

“If my good citizens choose to pass this tax, it’s one quarter of one percent, about a $1 per $1000 so if you buy a new car for $10,000…you’ll pay $10 extra” says Sheriff Tony Helms.

He tells KRMS News right now it’s easy for a Camden County Sheriff’s Deputy to find a better paycheck in another jurisdiction “why would a deputy want to work for me for $31 or $32 thousand, when he can go across the street for $36! So, we’re trying to get that up, we are trying to start our deputies at $42,000 a year. Right now they’re making about $31,000.”

Sheriff elms tells KRMS News he’s losing deputies to other jurisdictions for a higher salary at a time when calls for help are increasing “you gotta have money to give money. It’s not a thing that the commission just won’t do, they can’t if they don’t have the money.”

Lake Area voters will decide on the quarter-cent sales tax increase August 3rd.

Helms was interviewed on the KRMS Morning Magazine.

Local News Politics Monday, May 3rd, 2021

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