Camden Sheriff Will Not Be Stopping Cars/Going Into Homes Over COVID Ordinance

Local News Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Recent mandates and ordinances handed down by the Camden County Commission and Health Department will, apparently, not be a top priority to be enforced by the sheriff’s department.

A social media post by Sheriff Tony Helms says that the guidelines come from the State level and deal with public gatherings where large numbers of people congregate and NOT an immediate household.

Helms wants to make it clear that, at this time, his personnel will not be enforcing the new orders by stopping cars, going into homes or taking any actions infringing on individual rights.

At the same time, Helms also says that his office is relying on the good will of the citizens to take recommendations made by the state seriously while we all continue trying to get through the COVID crisis.

And for those who don’t use common sense, according to Helms, they will be dealt with appropriately by his deputies.

Local News Thursday, April 9th, 2020

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