As police investigate several recent vehicle break-ins as well as thefts from mailboxes in a Lake Ozark neighborhood, a law enforcement official is urging all vehicle owners to easily prevent such crimes.

Camden County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Scott Hines says they were involved in addressing a similar series of vehicle break-ins in Camdenton because such incidents are considered “crimes of opportunity.”

He says drivers should simply take some easy steps to deny thieves those opportunities by doing the following in your “nightly routine”…“If people would simply lock their doors, and make sure their windows are rolled up, and make sure their valuables items are not left in the vehicle….that’s a big deterrent to a person who’s looking for a crime of opportunity, just walking by and checking door handles.” 

At last check police in Lake Ozark were still investigating a series of such incidents in the Beacon Pointe area,  and unconfirmed reports from some residents of the neighborhood a large white extended-cab pickup truck may be a vehicle-of-interest in the investigation.