Camden Sheriff’s Office Ready For 2021 Vacation Season To Get Started

Crime Local News Friday, March 12th, 2021

The Lake Area could see more people this year than it did last year, and local law enforcement is getting ready.

“We want everybody to have fun. We really do. We want you to come up here, spend your tax dollars, tell your friends about it and then go home and be safe. If my guys didn’t have to arrest a single person during the season, we’d be happy” says Captain Chris Twitchel with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

He tells KRMS News too much alcohol is sometimes the leading cause of a bad time at the lake “And we deal with it a lot, were you’ll find yourself in jail cooling off for 12 hours because you didn’t know where you were at. We have some people going into the wrong houses because they were too intoxicated to get there.”

Twitchel says there’s no excuse for drinking and driving in Lake Area given the number of other options available, like Uber Lyft or a taxi cab.

Drinking isn’t the only issue they deal with, there’s been a rise in drug use as well “We’ve been really active here lately a lot with Fentynal and other stuff and normally this time of year it’s sorta calmed down, with just a few burglaries and stuff, but it feels like everyone’s been here the whole time.”

He says the manpower for the Camden County Sheriff’s Office is the same during the summer months as it is during the winter months when fewer people are visiting Lake of the Ozarks.

He was interviewed by Christian Blood on The Ozarks Today.

Crime Local News Friday, March 12th, 2021

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