Max Thoenen Diner Mural

A Camdenton High School student is painting the town red. Maximus Thoenen, a senior with a passion for art, was selected to paint a 16-foot mural on the exterior of the newly opened Just a Little Diner. The restaurant, located near the square in Camdenton, opened officially February 1st, and has already become the talk of the town with its vibrant display on the outer wall.

Max’s art teacher, Amy Bruck, says Max has a unique style that made him a great fit for the project.

“Most people think of art and they think of something that looks like a perfect renaissance painting that’s in perfect detail,” said Bruck, “but Max has his own style that I was glad he got to show.”

Maximus tells KRMS that while it’s cool knowing his work is seen by so many, he was in it for the art.

“I didn’t really expect anything out of it,” said Max, “I just thought it would be cool to paint on the side of a building because I’ve never done that before and I just like to try new things.”

The mural took him five days to complete and has already received rave reviews on social media. Max has been accepted into the Kansas City Art Institute, and plans to continue nurturing his passion for creativity through his education.