Improvements for the City of Camdenton where the main topics of discussion at Tuesday’s board of alderman meeting.

When it came to progress on pavement projects both on the road and in the airport, the city says it’s all finished.

“We finished the paving on South 5, so everything is paved. There’s a few areas they are going to check…they have some gravel work to do and some entrances to finish. And the airport paving was also last week, they’re done paving and fully back open” says City Administrator Jeff Hooker.

He says they’re also close to putting the final pieces together for the new development between highway 54 and 5 “upon closure that property would then annex into the city, and then we’re poised for July to bring Phase 1 into the HUD and planning and zoning. We’re hoping we bring that phase 1 back to the Board of Alderman in August, after Planning and Zoning is done with it. And then, when they close…they’re all approved to begin with Phase 1.”

The city also noted that sales tax numbers are down slightly compared to last year, however numbers overall are still high for the year.