Camdenton R3 Schools Mask Rules Get Stricter As COVID Cases Rise

All News COVID 19 Monday, November 23rd, 2020

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The Camdenton R3 School District is laying down harsher rules for students, teachers and parents who violate the mask rules.

The School Board’s latest decision says that students who refuse to wear a mask will be sent home, and those who are caught not wearing a mask more than three times could face suspension.

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Superintendent Dr. Tim Hadfield says the main reason for this change is the Quarantine rules for schools set by Governor Mike Parson, which is allowing more students to remain in class, rather than be sent home.

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But if cases get higher, masks may be required at all times in stead of just being “On the move” or in situations were social distancing isn’t possible.

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The rule also applies to sports and other activities, and even parents who do not follow could be asked to leave the bleachers.

All News COVID 19 Monday, November 23rd, 2020

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