Candidates for several Lake area offices taking to the debate stage on Wednesday night during the KRMS candidate forum.

For the topic of raising revenues in Camden County, current 1st district commissioner Beverly Thomas suggests a new tax.

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 1 - 30th July 2020

Candidate James Gohagan who is running against Thomas in the upcoming election disagrees.

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 2 - 30th July 2020

Candidates for the Camden County Commission’s 2nd district had different opinions on how to raise revenues for the community, including a tourism tax by current commissioner Don Williams.

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 3 - 30th July 2020

Nathan Rinne who’s running against Williams think’s that idea will hurt lake residents.

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 4 - 30th July 2020

Candidate Patrick Cochran is also running for the position, he says the lake needs more jobs, not taxes.

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 5 - 30th July 2020

There are five people running for the 124th district as state representative replacing outgoing politician Rocky Miller.

For the topic of a casino coming to the lake, ideas varied…with many supporting some sort of Government control.

Benny Earl Thomas says…

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 6 - 30th July 2020

Luke Hagedorn says…

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 7 - 30th July 2020

Lisa Thomas says…

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 8 - 30th July 2020

Duell Wayne Lauderdale says..

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 9 - 30th July 2020

And Bernie Mowinski says..

      NEWS-07-30-2020 DEBATE 10 - 30th July 2020

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