A candlelight vigil was held Monday night in honor of four-year-old Jessica Mast, who was killed in Benton County earlier this month.

It follows a “not guilty” plea entered by her parents, 29-year-old Mary Mast and 28-year-old James Mast, just days after being arrested in Morgan County.

They join their neighbors, 35-year-old Ethan Mast and 21-year-old Kourtney Aumen, all facing numerous felony charges in the murder.

Officials say they’re currently awaiting autopsy results for additional charges.

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Speaking with our news partner KY 3 TV, Benton Sheriff Eric Knox says they will do all the can to prosecute this act to the fullest extent of the law.

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At the vigil on Tuesday, Pastor Merle Yoder from Gospel Light Fellowship in Lincoln said the town is hurting.

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Yoder says the church does not condone the actions of the neighbors nor the family, and that this cannot be allowed to happen again.

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The Mast’s 2-year-old boy and an infant are currently being held in protective custody.

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