Here we go again…the Camden County Sheriff’s Department is reporting another round of catalytic converter thefts. Sheriff Tony Helms says that the most recent incidents happened in the areas of routes “TT” and “MM” in Sunrise Beach. There was no information released whether there are any identified suspects or persons of interest in the three reported thefts.

In the meantime…authorities in the Lake Area say there are several precautions you can take to keep your catalytic converters attached to your vehicles and out of the hands of an opportunistic criminal. Among the tips:

–park in well lit areas;

–park inside a garage of available;

–park close to building entrances or near a busy road;

–add surveillance cameras to the area where you regularly park;

–install a catalytic converter security device;

–engrave your vehicle’s VIN number into the catalytic converter;

And, first and foremost, always lock your vehicles and don’t leave valuables including firearms in your car for extended periods of time. A stolen catalytic converter can fetch upwards of $200-$300 on the street while costing you more than $1,000 to have it replaced.