An investigation is underway after a 4-year-old child dies in Benton County Sunday.

According to the Sheriff’s office, it was the child’s father 28-year-old James Mast of Cole Camp, who called in for help.

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Speaking to KY 3 TV, Benton Sheriff Eric Knox says investigators learned the child had also been submerged in a pond, then left to freeze on the bank.

He says the child was later brought back to their residence, where his wife 28-year-old Mary Mast and their 2-year-old son were also beaten severely.

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Knox says they took 35-year-old Ethan Mast and 21-year-old Kourtney Aumen into custody, they are now facing numerous felony charges.

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Both the Mary Mast and the 2-year-old boy were taken to Bothwell regional hospital for treatment, where they are now recovering.

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