With millions of working Americans being forced to take a COVID shot at the demand of their employer, one organization wants you to know you don’t have to take it.

“There are people for medical, personal or religious reasons, who cannot take the vaccines, ok? So they’re talking about exemptions and religious exemptions are being accepted” says Chris Long with the Christian Alliance of America, “People say I don’t want to get vaccinated, I have my issues with the vaccine. Well, you can file for a religious exemption. It’s a very simple process and in the title 7 of the Federal Employment code of the 1964 civil rights code, you must be granted a religious exemption.”

He tells Guy Wehman on The Ozarks This Morning what will happen if your employer fails to accept your religious exemption “In the event that your employer would reject your religious exemption…you can file a complaint with the EEOC, and the FEDS would come in and investigate your employer as to why they are objecting to your religious exemption.”

You can learn more about filing at http://lc.org