City of Camdenton Working On Several Projects To Finish Out 2020

All News Business Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

A number of projects remain on Tap for the city of Camdenton before the end of 2020.

At their last Board of Alderman meeting, city officials continued to prepare for the demolition of the Night Hawk building on the square.

City Administrator Jeff Hooker indicated that they intended to demolish the building due to its poor condition, but after numerous calls from citizens to keep it, the city is now offering a 45-day window for someone to buy it and rehabilitate the building.

City officials noted that they’re also still working on a new City Hall sign, which is a digital billboard slated to be constructed before Christmas.

Camdenton continues to focus on the footprint of the new planned community center. Bids had originally come in for around $7 million dollars, way off from their budget of $4.5 to $4.8 million, but after a re-draw the city expects to lower those costs to within the budget.

The city is also working on a potential list of dilapidated homes to demolish, after setting aside some $15,000 towards getting rid of abandoned and destroyed homes that have been left vacant for several years.

They hope to have at least 2 of these homes demolished before 2021.

All News Business Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

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