Residents in Laurie going to the polls in April of next year, once again, will decide the fate of a proposed “use tax” to be imposed on internet purchases.

City Clerk Cathy Daniels says the issue has been shot down by voters before in the past and, now, it’s a case of getting the word out so residents will really understand what the use tax would mean to them and the city…“We’re trying to educate the public as to what this will do for the city. It’s not really a new tax, it just means if they buy something off the internet….they’ll have to pay the city’s use tax on it.”

Currently, the sales tax in Laurie is one-half-of-one percent and is the sole source of revenue for the city which does not collect any property tax.

If passed in April, on Tuesday the 5th, city officials estimate an extra $12-$14-thousand per year for city coffers.