Climax Springs school district has been soliciting input from parents on the possibility of adopting a four-day school week next year. A lot of districts in central Missouri are making the change. Superintendent Nathan Barb says, for them, It’s a tool they hope will help with teacher retention.

      NEWS-2-1-20 Barb 1 - 1st February 2020

Students would attend school Tuesday through Friday and have Mondays off. For the teachers, those Mondays would be split between days off and development days. Barb says it also provides a benefit to the families, with a built-in day for appointments that might otherwise hurt attendance.

      NEWS-2-1-20 Barb 2 - 1st February 2020

A public hearing will be held at 6pm February 13th, with the Board of Education to meet immediately afterward for a possible vote.

Below is the entire interview with Superintendent Barb.

      1-31-20 NATHAN BARB CLIMAX SPRINGS - 1st February 2020