Great news for the city of Cole Camp.

Officials at their most recent city meeting say they completed the formal audit report of the city’s 2021 books and all things looked “really good” for the city.

The board of alderman also approved resolutions to use ARPA funds for a water project and constructions of sidewalks.

The city also applied for a $10,000 grant to build a trail spur to the Rock Island Railroad which is expected to become a trail within the next few years.

The railroad originally bypassed the city, however a 2nd railroad known as the MOPAC Warsaw line did go through the city on its way into Warsaw and the railbed for that line does connect to the Rock Island corridor.

Finally, an ordinance establishing tall grass limits of seven inches on developed properties and 12 inches on undeveloped properties was approved and violations of the ordinance could result in a $150 fine.