Community Foundation Grant Cycle Closes

Local News Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

The Community Foundation of the Lake continues its mission of supporting cultural health, education and economical development. Part of that effort, according to board member Tiffany Maasen, is to award grant checks for several worthy causes as part of the CFL’s annual grant cycle which just recently came to an end for this year…

      NEWS-2-4-20 CFL Banter-1

With the annual grant cycle now closed, the CFL will now shift its focus to recruiting new board members…

      NEWS-2-4-20 CFL Banter-2

A “meet and greet” for new and potential new board members is set for the 18th of this month at the LaRocca Club in Osage Beach…it starts at 5:30. And, of course, more information about the “meet and greet” or the Community Foundation of the Lake, in general, is available on the CFL’s website.

Local News Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

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