Conservative Advocacy Group Fights To Get Gas Tax Vote On The 2022 Ballot

Business Local News Politics State News Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Missouri plans to increase its gas tax from 17cents to almost 30 cents over the next five years.

But one conservative advocacy group says a referendum process is planned that might give you a say in that.

“So there’s a little bit to that process right now….but once it’s certified, to get it to the voters of Missouri we would have to get the signatures of them that they want this to go on the ballot” says Jeremy Cady, State Director of Americans For Prosperity, “we would need to turn in 107,000 signatures by Mid-August to get this placed on the ballot.”

He tells KRMS News Missouri voters turned down a ten-cent gas tax increase in 2018 because the Hancock Amendment gave them the right to do so.

But this time Cady thinks lawmakers are trying to sidestep the amendment and your vote “and they’re doing that by doing the 2 1/2 cents over five years, and so we think that’s a little bit disingenuous.”

Cady says if the planned 12-and-a-half cent gas tax increase had been proposed all at once, the Hancock Amendment would have kicked in.

He also says a gas tax increase would be nothing more than a band-aid, given the number of electric cars and trucks on the road.

Supporters of the gas tax increase say the money’s needed for road repairs.

But Missouri has not voted in favor of this kind of tax since 1996.

Business Local News Politics State News Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

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