Coronavirus Reports in Lake Area Addressed

Local News Tuesday, March 10th, 2020


Despite coronavirus being in the news now on a daily basis, there seems to be even more questions than answers about the spread of the illness. That would also appear to be the case in the lake area with, at least, a couple unconfirmed reports of quarantine situations. However, according to Miller County Health Administrator Mike Herbert, his office has received no such reports…

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Camden County Health Administrator Bee Dampier says that some of the confusion may be a result of a respiratory pathogen panel medical professionals use to diagnose possible infections…

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Jennifer Bethurem, with the public relations office at Lake Regional, would not confirm anyone being quarantined but does say the health system continues to work with state and other medical officials to minimize any effects should Covid-19 be officially diagnosed in the lake area…

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Officials from Lake Regional will be on KRMS at about 7:40 Tuesday morning (March 11, 2020) to give an update on Covid-19 and the chances of it becoming a problem in the lake area.

Local News Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

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