Three of the four people facing charges in the death of 4-year-old Jessica Mast of Lincoln appeared in court on Tuesday.

One of them was neighbor Kourtney Aumen, who’s facing murder charges along with her partner Ethan Mast.

      NEWS-01-06-2021 BENTON COURT DATE 1 - 6th January 2021

Speaking to KY 3 TV, one of Kourtney’s three attorneys Joe Passanise says they will look at all angles of the case.

      NEWS-01-06-2021 BENTON COURT DATE 2 - 6th January 2021

Kourtney is due back on the 19th of January, along with her partner Ethan.

The court also continued the bond hearings for Jessica’s parents James and Mary Mast.

Mel Pleasant of the Springfield Child Advocacy Against Pedophilia group says she was there for the hearing Tuesday and was shocked at the Mother’s actions in court.

      NEWS-01-06-2021 BENTON COURT DATE 4 - 6th January 2021

James will appear on January 19th while Mary will appear on February 2nd.


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One of four people facing charges in the death of 4-year-old Jessica Mast has yet to appear in court, but three other people have.

Jessica’s parents, Mary Mast and James Mast appeared before a judge Tuesday at the Benton County Courthouse.

Also appearing was Kourtney Aumen, one of two neighbors facing murder charges in the case.

The other neighbor, Ethan Mast, did not appear but the judge set a court date for him January 19.

Investigators say Jessica was beaten severely before being submerged in a pond in cold weather and then being left on the banks.

When Benton County Sheriff’s deputies were called, Jessica’s body was found in a bedroom wrapped in blankets.