Lake Regional Health System has put new visitor restrictions in place while, at the same time, announcing changes in the way patients and visitors are being screened for flu-like symptoms. Now in effect…patients at the hospital will be limited to two healthy adults 18-years-of-age and older and all visitors must enter thru the E-R where they will be screened first. Those with any symptoms of COVID…fever, cough or shortness of breath…or have traveled to a region affected by COVID or have encountered a person who tested for COVID will not be allowed to visit. As for those who are experiencing flu-like symptoms, you are encouraged to stay home and first call your doctor before heading to a clinic or the emergency room. They will then direct you how to proceed. Also as part of, what Lake Regional CEO Dane Henry describes as an added step in the triage process and being prepared, a tent had been set up outside the emergency department for preliminary screening. The tent is not being used, however, at this time with all screenings still being done inside. The new visitor restrictions were implemented over the weekend and will stay in place until further notice.