The Coronavirus Vaccine is on its way to the Show Me State.

The FDA Clearing the way on Friday for Pfizer with an emergency approval, meaning front line workers and those in nursing homes will be seeing the vaccine by next week.

      NEWS-12-12-2020 VACCINE 1 - 12th December 2020

Speaking with KY 3 TV, Dr. Randall Williams says between the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, everyone should see protection by Mid-April next year, except pregnant women and children.

      NEWS-12-12-2020 VACCINE 2 - 12th December 2020

He says they’ve ordered over 2 million doses of the vaccine to start with and that they are watching the side affects closely, as Great Britain has reported allergic reactions to the vaccine.

      NEWS-12-12-2020 VACCINE 4 - 12th December 2020

Officials at Lake Regional say they cannot comment on the procedures for administrating the vaccine yet, as too many processes remain very fluid at this time.