Dallas County Infant Death Result Of Shaken Baby Syndrome

All News Crime Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

We’re learning more about the death of an infant in Dallas County.

Investigators now say the baby died of shaken baby syndrome.

24-year-old Brantly Scott of Tunas was taken into custody in the case, facing charges of child abuse and endangerment.

Doctors at the University of Missouri determined the child had limited brain activity following a CT Scan, which showed severe swelling and hemorrhaging of the brain.

They also found bruising on the child’s forehead, jaw line and chest.

Investigators say Scott told them the injuries were from the child trying to hold his “head up” and that he later admitted to shaking the child when his wife stepped outside for a phone call.

Scott also told police he tried to “Calm the baby” with a bottle, before he “blacked out” and “tossed the child on the bed.”

Scott will be in court today (Tuesday.)

All News Crime Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

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