A traffic stop in Dallas County is netting a large sum of drugs in what deputies believe was part of a drug trafficking operation.

According to the Sheriff’s office, deputies spotted an unregistered car with non-matching licenses plates traveling on Highway 65 Monday night.

The driver, Roberto Fierro, was detained while deputies searched the vehicle.

They found a bag with more than a pound of methamphetamines under a spare tire that Fierro was allegedly attempting to deliver from Missouri to Texas.

He’s facing drug tracking charges and is being held on a bond of $250,000.



On 02/22/2022 Deputy Ben Castrodale conducted a traffic stop on South 65 highway. During the traffic stop Deputy Castrodale found the driver, 45-year-old Roberto Avila Fierro, did not have a drivers license. Deputy Castrodale was given consent to search the vehicle. Deputy Castrodale located over a pound of Methamphetamine dyed blue, $6,666.00 in America cash, and $540.00 cash in pesos. Fierro admitted the methamphetamine was his and his intention was to sell it.
Roberto Avila Fierro is currently on Federal probation for human trafficking. Fierro also has a previous conviction in Texas for possessing 2000 pounds of Marijuana.
Charges were filed with Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Barker for drug trafficking in the 1st degree. The warrant was signed by the Honorable Lisa Henderson and bond set at $250,000 cash or surety.
All parties are presumed innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.