KRMS News is retracting a story that was released during the previous winter snow storm.

In the story, KRMS incorrectly reported that severe damage was done to two separate docks at the Lodge of the Four Seasons, and did not communicate with the Lodge about the repair of those docks nor what damage was done.

Instead, we relied solely on the information given by a single owner at the marina.

Officials at the lodge say the dock which broke loose, dock #3, had only disconnected at the ramp, which is where the power and internet connections were that ended up separating.

That dock was repaired the very next morning.

Additionally, we reported that a dock that’s been damaged since the springtime had received further damage, and that it remained that way.

Lodge officials say they’re aware of that dock’s damage and have it scheduled to be fully repaired soon.

They say it’s been a challenge getting a dock repair specialist to be able to come repair it.

KRMS News would like to apologize to both our listeners and the Lodge for not reporting on both sides at the time of the story’s release.



****Previous Story:

A dock at the Lodge of the Four Seasons broke loose during high winds early Thursday morning.

Video posted on Facebook produces the sound of metal breaking right before it cuts off.

Boaters who have boats in the dock say they suddenly lost connection to their vessels and it appears that the power was suddenly shut off, as in the dock broke loose and disconnected from the sources.

Another dock at the lodge that was already in disrepair apparently suffered more damage due to the snow as well.

Video of that occurring was seen on Facebook.

Officials are reminding residents to keep off their docks during this time and do not attempt to climb the roof to remove the snow, as that can cause the dock to flip or you to fall into the icy water.