The Doolittle Fire Department is asking for prayers as a member of it’s team is battling COVID 19.

In a post to Facebook, the department says Board Member Debbie Williams has received severe damage from the virus.

She’s currently being treated at University Hospital in Columbia.

They say Debbie always went “above and beyond” to serve the community, by cooking food or baking cookies for the firefighters.


From the Fire Department:

“We would like to take the time to thank everybody that has said a prayer for the member of our department who continues to suffer severe complications from COVID.

Yesterday, we received news on the condition of DRFPD Board Member Debbie Williams that we didn’t want to hear. Debbie’s body has received severe damage as a result from COVID. As is stands now, her prognosis is grim. She is currently admitted at the University of Missouri Medical Center in Columbia where she is receiving top notch treatment in hopes that she will bounce back somehow from this devastating illness.
Just like every board member, Debbie always went above and beyond what was expected of her. Whether it was cooking food for 60 people, or baking cookies for the firefighters, she has always taken care of us.
Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. We would also like to ask that you continue to take the proper precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, and following proper social distancing guidelines.”
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