Drowning Incident Turns Into BWI Charges After Camera Footage Shows Conflicting Stories

Crime Local News Thursday, November 11th, 2021

A felony BWI-Death of Another charge has been filed against an Illinois man in connection to an incident which happened in early August.

Preliminary reports, at that time, indicated 21-year-old Sean Jouglard, of Waterloo Illinois, voluntarily exited a boat without an operator near the 20-milemarker to swim before failing to re-surface.

A probable cause statement filed in the Camden County Courthouse, however, alleges that a camera from a nearby condo recorded a very different account of what happened.

That video, according to the highway patrol, shows the boat Jouglard was on had been crossing wakes from a different boat in the area causing the 21-year-old to be thrown into the water.

Further investigation was able to identify Sean McEwen, of Swansea, as the operator of the boat who admitted to drinking all day before Jouglard was tossed overboard…McEwen’s BAC showed point-18%. AT this time, it’s unknown if McEwen is in custody.

Crime Local News Thursday, November 11th, 2021

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