A 29-year-old from Eldon faces a class-A felony for kidnapping and a misdemeanor domestic assault charge after an incident which allegedly happened Friday morning in the 300-block of West North Street . Courthouse records indicate that Adrian Wilde went over to the residence, apparently, to try convincing his “ex” to work things out. Instead, Wilde locked and boarded up the front door and showed her a note explaining that he wanted to kill her and then kill himself if a “better solution” could not be worked out. Wilde also had a backpack containing rope, duct tape, scissors and a large knife. The unidentified victim was allowed to use a phone to supposedly contact her employer saying she wasn’t coming to work but, instead, sent a message for help. When her mother showed up, Wilde allowed the girl to leave the house and then left, himself, out a back window, running down an alley where he was picked up by his mother before they fled the scene. Wilde was, eventually, taken into custody and arraigned Monday morning in Miller County Associate Circuit Court. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond with an additional bond condition requiring GPS monitoring.