We’re learning more about one the 3 Lake area teachers who are being recognized by McDonald’s.

4th grade teacher Kylie Webery is from Eldon Upper Elementary “So I did have a friend who mentioned a while ago that…”just so you know, I nominated you for something from McDonald’s…keep an eye out, don’t think it’s weird if you get an e-mail or whatever” and so I kinda forgot about it.”

Webery tells KRMS News she figured out right away the email wasn’t a scam because it wasn’t asking for any banking information.

And she also says she may have had a leg up among the 425 other candidates 2021 McDonald’s Outstanding Educator awards “I have a 3-year-old who currently only eats happy meals, so McDonald’s must have known how much business I bring them and they threw me a bone.”

Webery is joined by School of the Osage Elementary School teacher Laura Hayes and Warsaw South Elementary teacher Roxanna Eckoff in getting recognition from McDonald’s.