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Local News Politics State News Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Several races have been unofficially called following Tuesday’s elections across the Lake Area.

In Camden County, the race for the 1st district commissioner goes to the new comer James Gohagan, who will replace longtime representative Beverly Thomas. 2nd District Commissioner Don Williams will retain his position. Sheriff Tony Helms was also re-elected.

In Morgan County, Eastern Commissioner Republican Brian Lehman will face off against Democrat Schmitz, while Western Commissioner Republican Ryan Hoffa will face off against Phillips. In the Sheriff’s race, Current Republican Sheriff Norman Dills will face Democrat Mike Nienhuis (Currently acting PD in the city of Laurie).

In Miller County, 1st District Commissioner goes to Don Abbott and 2nd District Commissioner goes to Travis Lawson. Sheriff Louie Gregory did retain his position.

In Benton County, North District Commissioner Scott Harms won his position and South District Commissioner will be a battle between Democrat John Spry and Republican Larry Berry. Sheriff Eric Knox will retain his position in the county.


For the 124th State Representative, Lisa Thomas bested Benny Thomas and Luke Hagedorn.

For the District 58th State Representative, Willard Haley bested Timothy Faber.

For the US District 4, incumbent Vicky Hartzler will retain her position while Blaine Leutkemeyer will also retain his position in District 3, both for the Republican Ticket.


Current Governor Mike Parson is set to take on Democrat Nicole Galloway in November.

Parson winning the Republican nomination over Saundra McDowell.

For Lieutenant Governor, Republican Mike Kehoe will face off against Democrat Alissa Canady.

Missouri’s attorney general Republican Eric Schmidt will also face off against Democrat Rich Finneran.


In other area races..

In Pulaski County David Bassett wins the open Commission seat for the eastern district and Sheriff Jimmy Bench remains in his position.

Dallas County Fire Tax Levy passes 271 to 236.


Here’s a detailed look at the races by county:






State race information can be found here.

Local News Politics State News Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

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