Fentanyl Remains A Dangerous Drug For Law Enforcement To Battle

Crime Local News State News Saturday, November 27th, 2021

With the nation just last week witnessing the number of drug overdose fatalities surpassing the 100-thousand mark…an all time high…authorities in the Lake Area are also reporting an increase in opioid arrests.

The main drug of choice among users and pushers is quickly becoming fentanyl which, according to Miller County Sheriff Louie Gregoire, is difficult to track down its origins “Five or Six years ago, we helped out….I think it was US Customs I believe it was….they caught Fentanyl coming over the border, from overseas right here to the lake. And we actually helped them execute a search warrant and we were able to get the Fentanyl from that.”

Gregoire goes on to say responses to fentanyl-related reports are generally pucker moments for law enforcement “A tin of powder gets thrown into the air, and it’s Fentanyl….and everyone inhales it…there’s a good chance everyone will be on the ground in an overdose.”

Crime Local News State News Saturday, November 27th, 2021

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