The first in a series of meetings in Laurie to help improve the city’s future growth is in the books.

Officials with the Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments were hired on to develop the city’s new Comprehensive Plan, which will direct the city on growth in green spaces, tourist destinations, home development and more.

The first meeting saw around 15 people attending, including area businesses owners, some citizens and city officials.

In the 7-point presentation, the LOCLG indicated the park system was one of the more “desirable” recreation locations, but that the Laurie Hillbilly Fairgrounds and park needed a rehab.

Also discussed was the ongoing lack of housing and the desire to see traffic flow in the community fixed.

LOCLG officials say the most recent report shows average daily traffic in Laurie has increased by as much as 40%.

The city indicated that 3 grants have already been applied for on The City of Laurie’s behalf through the comprehensive plan to get started on projects they know already need to be worked on.

The previous Comprehensive plan for the city was over 30 years old.