Flooding Continues To Be A Worry For Several Communities In The Ozarks

All News Thursday, March 18th, 2021

Rain, sleet, snow…. everything mother nature wants to throw at us is happening this morning.

The accumulations are leading to more flooding issues for the lake area, with Flood warnings now in effect in Benton and Hickory counties.

“We are so saturated now that once you get heavy rain on top of those saturated areas, it just all goes to runoff” says Hydrologist Megan Terry with the National Weather Service.

She tells KRMS News residents should be especially careful when traveling through any low-water crossings, as they could be far deeper than you realize “and with the steep terrain in our region, that could lead to some quickly accumulating and rapidly flowing water on our roadways.”

Those flood warnings include Route F at Cole Camp Creek, as well as Route B at Williams Creek, both near the city of Cole Camp and Route DD at Knobby Creek just northeast of Edwards.

MODOT also reports that Routes BB, P and D are all closed due to flooding in Hickory County.

All News Thursday, March 18th, 2021

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