Camden County EMA Director Laments The Lack Of Public Storm Shelters.

Local News Wednesday, October 27th, 2021


Camden County residents wanting to hunker down in a public shelter during severe weather, including tornadoes, are out of luck.

“Camden County does not have a single shelter. Not one” says Emergency Management Director Samantha Henley.

She tells KRMS News there is some conversation underway which could, in the future, bring a storm shelter to the county “We’re working with a few churches, trying to move them into becoming shelters. They’ve expressed interest in becoming the first shelters for Camden County.”

Henley goes on to say, in the meantime, the EMA is also searching for other possible options “Anybody with a large building that wants to step forward, to say hey we are willing to work with you on this, will be most welcomed.”

Other than the time it would take to secure a location and get the doors open to a storm shelter, the biggest drawback…according to Henley…would be liability issues.

Presently bigger cities across Missouri do offer storm shelters, such as malls or colleges, in the event of dangerous weather conditions or for those who live in mobile homes.

Local News Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

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