A forensic audit of the Camden County collectors office has been ordered by county commissioners after some concerns were raised by several districts that receive tax dollars through the county.

Commissioner Don Williams says there were  reports of inconsistencies in tax receipts from the Horseshoe Bend Special road district the Osage Beach Road District.

Williams says his theory is that the concerns stem from unintentional numerical mistakes….“That’s what I’m expecting….I don’t think there’s anything nefarious going on. The people working in the collectors office are good people and they’ve have been there for a long time, so, we’ll find out and it will probably take a while. We have already contacted several large auditing companies to come in and take a look at it and then we will vote to pick one of those companies to come in, take a look at the books and see what’s going on.”

The process will take some time though.

Speaking on KRMS’ Moring Magazine he said the final product could be several months away…“It’s gonna take a while…and unfortunately, some of the first companies we talked to said it could take a year before they can get to it. That’s not acceptable, we want to get it done a lot faster than that. But it’s going to be a while, it’s not going to happen overnight…that’s for sure.”