Former Camdenton Alderman Dan Hagedorn Passes Away

Local News Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Photo Courtesy of the City of Camdenton

Former City of Camdenton Alderman and well-known Lake native Dan Hagedorn has passed away.

According to the city, Hagedorn spent thirteen years with the city from 2004 to 2017, of which 10 of those years was as President of the Board

Hagedorn’s Son and color play-by-play announcer of the Camdenton Lakers on 935 ROCKS Luke Hagedorn remembers his Dad.

      07-08-2020 Luke Hagedorn On Dan Hagedorn

Dan Hagedorn penned this poem about being an Alderman.

Twice on Tuesdays – by Dan Hagedorn

Two times each month, six aldermen meet,
To consider new codes and the balance sheet.

Whether coming from citizen or committee,
Ideas are proposed for the good of the city.

The department heads give their good advice,
on ordinances to be read and voted on twice.

As the Mayor calls the council to a vote,
The newspaper searches for a quote.

After considering all the city’s concerns,
Bills are paid and the council adjourns.

Local News Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

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