Laurie Police Chief Mark Black

The former police chief in Laurie is accusing city officials of conspiring to get rid of him earlier this year.

Mark Black says he was put on suspension, with pay, in May while he and former assistant police chief Angela Nickerson were investigated.

Nickerson was fired, but Black says he was retained with new conditions.

      NEWS-7-22-2020 LAURIE POLICE CHIEF 1 - 22nd July 2020

Former Laurie police chief Mark Black.

KRMS News asked Laurie mayor Alan Kimberling about the investigation that resulted in Black being retained, but Nickerson being fired.

      NEWS-7-22-2020 LAURIE POLICE CHIEF 2 - 22nd July 2020

Kimberling says the city has an interim police chief right now, but that could become permanent after the retirement of former police chief Mark Black.

      NEWS-7-22-2020 LAURIE POLICE CHIEF 3 - 22nd July 2020

Black tells KRMS News the investigation was pushed by current interim police chief Mike Nienhuis.

      NEWS-7-22-2020 LAURIE POLICE CHIEF 5 - 22nd July 2020

Black will be interviewed by Kevin Burns and Christian Blood at 9:30AM on the KRMS ‘Morning Magazine.’