Freezing Temperatures Are Causing Some Coves To Turn To Ice

All News Friday, February 12th, 2021

Freezing temperatures continuing for at least another week for Lake of the Ozarks, and that’s causing parts of the lake to freeze.

But that ice is thin.

“If you’ve got a little bit of ice forming in the coves, that’s not nearly thick enough to walk on.”

Meteorologist Ray Miller with the Weatherology Weather Center tells KRMS News why the ice you see on the lake is limited to just the coves.

“As the river is constantly feeding relatively warm water into the lake, it undercuts any ice development. That’s why you really aren’t going to see any ice development of any significance out there.”

In years past, sustained freezing temperatures have caused numerous coves to freeze over and become thick enough to walk on, including 2007 during the ice storm that caused numerous docks to flip over.

Only a few times in Lake area history has the main channel frozen over.

All News Friday, February 12th, 2021

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