November 19th is the date for a major Lake Area fundraiser to help Fort Myers Florida get up and running again after the recent hit it took from Hurricane Ian.

Organizers spokeswoman Dawn Busick says it’s hoped Fort Myers can open to tourists again by early in the new year…“Hopefully this will be our biggest event….we have other events supporting our LOTO Relief fund, but with this event…for $50 per person you have 4 hours of live music with Dale Blue and The Hensley Boys…..we have a live auction thanks to Rick Bryant, we’ll also have a silent auction. Merlyn and Dawn Vandervort of the Encore Sky Bar are donating the appetizers. We’ll have a 50/50 drawing as well was merchandise, including hats and t-shirts. We have the Ft. Myers strong rubber bracelets. So 100% of the donations that will be contributed to the fund, will go directly down. We’ve partnered and aligned with the community foundation of Ft. Myers Beach and the Women’s club.”

The local fundraiser is set for Saturday November 19th from 1 to 5 PM at The Encore in Lake Ozark and at 50 dollars per person it will feature live music, a live auction, silent auction and complimentary appetizers.

Busick says the Ft. Myers Community is already on the move towards coming back stronger…“The city council just passed that they’re allowed to do Food Trucks, they’re allowed to do temporary housing on their properties…for those who have lost their houses, they can use mobile homes or trailers. Those Food trucks are going to be allowed on the beach for 18 months and they can have live entertainment. So, they are right now in the cleanup phases and accounting for lost items and things like that, but they are hopeful by January that they will have a few things going so they don’t lose their entire tourism industry, because that is the number one industry that sustains that island and those families.”