Governor Mike Parson has some numbers on the Missouri economy.

Those include a COVID-19 job-loss-recovery of 70-percent and a current unemployment rate of 4.2-percent.

“We are now 1st in the nation for Small Business wage growth. We are 2nd for the lowest change in employment rate, year over year. We are 2nd in the nation for apprenticeships. We are 4th in the nation for new manufacturing facilities” says Governor Parson.

He also says Missouri is 7th in the U-S in migration and 10th in the nation in new business expansion, all because of they way the state has handled everything from working, building and COVID 19 “we have taken a balanced approach to how we dealt with the crisis, and everything we did prior to the crisis. That’s why we are at where we are today.”

Earlier this week Parson announced all COVID-19-related unemployment programs will end June 12th.